Pre-Conference Workshops

Basic Complex Trauma Focused Adventure Therapy

Graham Pringle

Basic Trauma Focussed Adventure Therapy is a two-day training designed for Youth Workers and Outdoor Leaders.

BAT 101


This 1-day workshop will provide an introduction to bush adventure therapy history, definitions, research evidence, theories, principles and practices.

Groundwork Therapy

Kylie Peters

This workshop will be a hands-on experiential approach to equine facilitated therapy.

Think Tank: Training Effective International AT Practitioners

Anita Pryor, Ben Knowles, Pete Rae and Cathryn Carpenter

This workshop provides space to share ideas on the essential knowledges and skills of AT practitioners across cultures, and time to explore what should be included within training courses seeking to develop AT Practitioners considered safe and effective in international contexts.

Best of all, this ‘think tank’ will take place in a wild and wonderful cave! The workshop will take place on 8 private acres of Blue Mountains wilderness west of Sydney. Accommodation includes a hand-built lodge and a cave that is 20 metres high, wide and deep (similar size and shape to a small shell of the Opera house). As well as providing a place to think, talk and listen, the workshop will include time to explore local bush and scenic places.

All participants will be invited to share their views, including overviews of their training courses, programs and hopes for international AT. The overarching aims and structure of the workshop will be co-developed by the participant group at the outset, and workshop outcomes will be co-owned by all present. A possible workshop outcome might be the synthesis of a set of recommendations for international AT training courses.

Post-Conference Workshops

Exploring inner and outer landscapes

Martin Ringer, Luk Peeters and Ben Harlow

Are you looking for an opportunity to be actively immersed in a self-exploration journey in the company of an international group of devoted professionals …

Narawarn Water Wai - The Therapeutic Power of Water

Haaweatea Holly Bryson, Sally MacKinnon and Aunty Julie Peeters

Join us for a 2-day experience exploring the therapeutic power of water, through soul surfing, an extraordinary Aboriginal experience, and ways to bring adventure therapy to our water places.

Wild Village Experience

Dan Lyons& Nikki Brown

A 5-day immersion in the wilds for those who would like some hands on nature therapy through learning some ancient bush skills in a village setting.