PreConf – Think Tank: Training Effective International AT Practitioners

Think Tank: Training Effective International AT Practitioners

Anita Pryor, Ben Knowles, Pete Rae and Cathryn Carpenter

When: 24/08/2018 at 10.30am
Format: 3 Days (2 nights)
Where: 213 Chifley Rd BELL NSW - in the Blue Mountains near Mt Victoria



This workshop will be voluntarily hosted by the Adventure Works Australia teaching team.

The specific aims of this workshop will be co-developed at the outset, and the workshop will be co-facilitated in order to meet agreed aims. What better place to do this than a cave?!

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The Cave Think Tank will take place in an incredible cave surrounded by natural bushland west of Sydney.

The central aim is to develop shared understandings about the essential knowledges and skills needed by AT practitioners across cultures and contexts. From this broad intention, the group will co-develop a process through which we will consider what international AT training programs should include.

There will be opportunities to hear from all participants, including how AT intersects with our work and life, and our ideas on how to train safe and effective AT practitioners for international contexts.

A possible workshop outcome is development of agreement on the core content of international AT training courses. At a minimum, we expect participants will gain a better understanding of international AT practices and consolidate their personal hopes for AT training in their cultural context.


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Presenter Information

Ben Knowles

Ben is dedicated to seeing bush adventure therapy become widely available for people from all walks of life who face difficulty or hardship. Ben has experienced and witnessed the self-affirming and life-changing joy of time spent in the bush and the breadth of healing that can accompany this. As a child and young man Ben spent a great deal of time exploring his local bush in the Adelaide hills and the mountains and the forests of central and western Victoria. He grew up living in a country pub, on small farms and in small communities. These early experiences laid a foundation for his therapeutic practice which is grounded in the lived and unfolding experience of people, culture and place. With over 15 years of experience, Ben decided it was time to make good on a long-held plan to begin what is now Adventure Works. More:

Anita Pryor

Anita has been involved in bush adventure therapy since the mid-nineties and has since become a keen practitioner, trainer and researcher. At a young age, Anita noticed that adventuring with friends and family in natural environments made her feel good, and she wanted to share that with other people. After over two decades of doing just that, Adventure Works is her way of putting it all together. She wants to increase uses of outdoor adventure for therapy and expand people’s opportunity to experience the healing potential of BAT. Anita’s approach comes from the belief that humans benefit from contact with nature and that ‘good therapy’ is not something ‘done’ to another person, but co-created. More:

Pete Rae

Pete has worked professionally as an outdoor leader, educator and practitioner in BAT for over 20 years and has enjoyed his own personal adventures in the outdoors for nearly 40 years. He brings experience in program development, administration and management to the Adventure Works team, and has helped establish program operations. Pete has worked across a range of outdoor activity disciplines and modes of delivery with children, young people and adults, in groups and with individuals. In his spare time Pete works on his family’s organic hobby farm and escapes for adventures in Tasmania’s fantastic outdoors with his family. More:

Cathryn Carpenter

Cathryn has been committed to working with people in the outdoors for health and wellbeing outcomes since the early 1980s. Developing innovative curriculum, subjects and courses in secondary and tertiary educational institutions across a range of faculties has been the focus of her working career.  Now semi retired, Cathryn has been working with the Adventure Works team and AABAT in the development of community-based qualifications that are collectively constructed to enhance professional learning processes and outcomes. She is passionate about expanding our understandings about human-nature connections and exploring cultural and international similarities and differences in adventure therapy.