PreConf – Expanding Connections with the Help of Horses – Groundwork Therapy

Expanding Connections with the Help of Horses - Groundwork Therapy

Kylie Peters

When: 28/08/2018
How Long: 1 Day Where: (Darkes Forest )
How Much: $200.00


This workshop will be a hands-on experiential approach to equine facilitated therapy. It will provide a brief overview of the concept of equine facilitated therapy and learning (including all the safety elements and process versus content). Through the workshop individuals will experience the power of equine facilitated therapy activities and gain a greater understanding of the model and how it can work. With the help of horses individuals can explore how this work ‘works’ and how it can apply on both a personal and professional level. We will be going on an adventure for the day into the realm of ‘horse’ and with the help of horses.

Dictionary definition of connection is ‘a relationship in which a person or thing is linked to something else – an attachment or bond’.

By working in the space with horses one can both experience and see the relationship and layers of connection in expanding concentric circles

1) With the horse

2) Then with yourself

3) Then with others (the wider AABAT community and wider community in general)

Individuals attending this workshop will walk out with another tool in their skill bag of being able to have a clearer understanding of how equine therapy fits in and also why one would want to utilize it as a form of therapy.

It is my best hope that individuals coming out of the workshop space feel first hand the power and potential of the equine element of BAT programs and how this relates to expanding connections with horses, themselves and community across both their private and professional lives.

Presenter Information

Kylie Peters will be co-facilitating with her herd of 4 horses (Monkey, Doc, Fonzie & Pheobe) and 2 dogs (Bolt and Bean)

Kylie will be presenting with her herd of four horses (Monkey, Doc, Fonzi and Phoebe) and two dogs (Bolt and Bean). Kylie Peters (BSc, p grad dip psych, grad dip horse bus man, AIA graduate, Advanced Eponaquest Instructor, Assoc. MAPS) is a psychologist. Kylie currently works with young people, families and adults; addressing a range of issues specializing in family therapy, eating disorders, trauma and equine therapy. Kylie also offers training and supervision. Kylie has worked both in the public and private sectors. She has been running equine therapy workshops for the past 10 years all over Australia and trained under Barbara Rector, Shelley Rosenberg and Dr. Nancy Coyne. Please check out for more information.