PreConf – BAT 101

Bush Adventure Therapy 101


When: 28/08/2018 at 9:30am
How Long: 1 Day Where: TBC
How Much: $180.00 ($160.00 AABAT members)







“BAT 101”


Learn more about this exciting, rewarding and effective approach.

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Hosted by: The Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc. (AABAT)

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who has an interest in working with people, in the outdoors, to help with their wellbeing or recover from adversity and hardship.

The Bush Adventure Therapy 101 workshop is an introduction into Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) in Australia and how it links with Adventure Therapy Internationally.

If you have been working with people to help them with their health and wellbeing, and have just discovered AABAT and BAT, this workshop is for you.  

If you don’t work directly with people or in this field but want to know more for personal or professional reasons, this workshop is for you.

If you are somewhere in between, then it’s still for you. Yes it’s for anyone who is interested to know more about Bush Adventure Therapy.

If your still not sure it’s for you, drop us an email with any questions: 

This 1-day workshop will provide an introduction to Australian Bush Adventure Therapy:

  • History
  • Definitions
  • Research evidence
  • Theories
  • Principles and practices

An overview of Australian BAT programs will be provided, including the range of target groups, models and practice frameworks that exist, and a closer look at some key program examples. Commonalities and differences with outdoor education and counselling will be discussed, along with an introduction to ethics, safety and use of therapeutic frames.

A resource folder of readings and contacts will be provided as part of the training.

No prior experience is necessary, just a sense of adventure and some comfortable clothing.

This workshop will be followed by the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference. You are most welcome and encouraged to join the conference but you don’t have to attend the 8th IATC to join the BAT 101 workshop.

Food: Morning tea and lunch are provided (please specify

dietary needs)

Physical activity: Low level (please specify medical conditions)

Location: The Stanwell Tops Conference Centre

51 Bendena Garden, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508, Australia

Contact: Encanta event management 61 03 9863 7608


Equipment Required:

  • Pen and paper (or tablet, laptops) if desired.
  • Comfortable clothes to venture outside.
I don’t have a background in bush adventure therapy or outdoor education, but I’ve long believed that it is important for people to have a connection with the natural environment. I know that being in the bush makes people feel good, including myself, so when I saw the BAT 101 course being offered, I wanted to know more. The course was wonderful – a day spent with knowledgeable, interesting and generous people – both the course presenters and the participants! I now have a good understanding of what bush adventure therapy is, what it encompasses, who it benefits and how it came to be. As a result, I’m looking at how bush adventure therapy concepts may be incorporated into my current field of employment – for both staff and clients – and I’m inspired to further pursue my own interest in bush adventure therapy.Sue Buik

Presenter Information

The workshop will be facilitated by members of the AABAT Committee.

Rachael Millsom

Rachael is the current Victorian Representative on the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy and a Bush Adventure Therapy Counsellor for Adventure Works Australia’s – Regenerate Family Violence Recovery Program

Rachael is passionate about the healing power of nature and positive connections with others.  She comes from a diverse background and has worked in corporate and community sectors, she has worked as an outdoor educator, family therapist and counsellor. Now days Rachael works mostly with women in the Bush Adventure Therapy field, Rachael believes in the strength and resilience of women and their children and how positive connections with others and nature can build and support this.

It was these experiences, following a life of outdoor adventures, that cemented in Rachael that she loved working with people in the outdoors, this is where she also saw its therapeutic power.

Rachael completed training in outdoor recreation and worked as an outdoor educator for groups of young people in the early 2000’s. Since then, Rachael has worked as an environmental scientist, enjoying many hours working in the outdoors with a variety of people, she has trained as a counsellor and worked in a number of roles including as a youth and family counsellor and social worker.  During this time Rachael also had two children and grew passionate about supporting mothers, which saw her volunteer with parentline and the Australian Breastfeeding Association. In 2013 Rachael began a private practice offering counselling and meditation. She later extended this practice to include running retreats and women’s circles.  It was also at this time that Rachael got involved with the Australian Association of Bush Adventure Therapy where she is currently the Victorian Regional Representative on the AABAT committee.

Nature and the outdoors continues to be an important part of Rachael’s personal life, she enjoys walking, hiking, camping, mountain biking and spending time in her garden. It is to nature she retreats when she needs to step out of the ordinary.

Nick Hall

Nick Hall is a father, paddler and surfer who has been involved actively in the field of therapy delivery since the mid nineteen nineties.  Nick has worked with Project Hahn wilderness therapy program completing and then delivering their Facilitating Wilderness Therapy (FacWiT) training and facilitating sixty three programs, mostly as lead facilitator. Nick’s post grad studies in counselling, lead him to work with the Phoenix Centre (Tas.) (torture and trauma victims in the refugee community) and then the Aboriginal Health Service (Hobart Tas.) for six years. Nick now runs a private practice Nick Hall Adventure Therapy with his base on a boat in Geilston Bay, Hobart, where he offers one to one sessions in the adjacent East Risdon Nature Reserve. He is a facilitator and co director of Community Rites of Passage offering maturational rites of passage programs.

Nick has been an AABAT committee member since 2014 as a Tasmanian representative.

Mark Cartner

Mark has been a sworn police officer since 1999. He has worked in the child the protection field ever since, most of that time spent as an investigator in Cairns, Bundaberg and remote communities around Cape York.

Working as a full time School Based Police Officer, putting his ideas into practice for the benefit of youth. Mark uses outdoor activities to divert juveniles from anti social or destructive behaviour.

Of Aboriginal, German and Scottish heritage, Mark has a lifelong interest in reconciling different cultures as exemplified by his own heritage.

Michael Naismith

Michael Naismith has over 20 years of experience in the outdoor education field. He has worked both locally and internationally instructing outdoor activities and managing programs. His focus in the last 13 years has been on the design and facilitation of programs with a therapeutic intention.

He has worked with youth and adults with mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems, asylum seekers, youth bereaved by suicide and young people coming out of the justice system with intellectual disabilities. From his current position as Coordinator of at St Josephs Youth Plus outdoor program and past experience, he brings an understanding of the benefits for disenfranchised and marginalised people accessing the outdoors. Michael is a board member of Outdoors Victoria, a peak body for the outdoor industry and current Chair of the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc.

I found The BAT 101 workshop to be very informative, interactive and provided unique opportunities to establish contacts with people already working in the outdoor therapy industry. I was also interested to hear personal stories of how others were able to establish a career In the industry and how they’re making a positive impact in the lives of young people. It’s helped broaden my horizons & enhance my understanding of ABAAT leaving me with a desire to explore the possibility of working or volunteering in this area.Carlo Trovato