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The 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference has taken shape… 

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Updated 28/08/2018

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“Expanding the Circles”

This conference is hosted by the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy (AABAT) and the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference (8IATC) Local Organising Committee. For us circles are symbolic of communities, of inclusive practices and wholeness – expanding and contracting yet remaining complete and unbroken. They are also important symbols within Indigenous cultures, and are well used in a variety of ways amongst contemporary Adventure Therapists around the world.

Within the wide arena of international adventure therapy, the 8IATC will provide a space and place to explore:

  • where our practices intersect or overlap
  • where new and old meet
  • what connects us, and
  • what contributions we can make to improve living conditions and environments around the globe.

International Adventure Therapy is a field with ample opportunity for innovation and creativity, and we welcome your contribution.