Kate Haisty Scholarship

Applications for this scholarship are now closed!

Kate Haisty was a colleague and friend to the AABAT community who passed away living life to the fullest while exploring her dream of combining working with marginalized people and adventure therapy in Canada in February 2014.

Groundwork Therapy would like to offer an opportunity for one passionate and emerging AT practitioner to attend the upcoming 2018 international adventure therapy conference.


Why is this important to me and to Groundwork Therapy?

Groundwork Therapy

I would have to say that my first official AABAT experience began with Kate Haisty, and her comment in the lunch break of the first workshop of mine that she attended, in her matter of fact, don’t mess with me, tone but whose eyes were full of adventure of, ‘seriously Kylie, I thought this was all a load of shit, but wow it actually works…’ with that I remember thinking who is this chick, I love her honesty, her realness and her candor.

From then I had Kate in my corner, (so to speak) both personally and professionally. She pushed me out of my comfort zones, she ensured I did the hard things (‘all’ the hard things might I add) and gave a new meaning to the word ‘brave’. But above and beyond all else, she was an unconditional infinite source of support and friendship.

As a young woman, Kate was on a trajectory to make a difference in the field of Bush Adventure Therapy. She had a thirst for knowledge; she was incredibly agile and strong physically and had an amazing capacity to connect with everyone. She was a larger than life, outgoing, hilarious, unique, incredible, awesome individual. She was someone who was always there for anyone willing to give it a go and get amongst something. The idea is that this scholarship can help someone who is already ‘giving it a go’ an actual ‘go’. Just like Kate would.

She raised and set the bar high in her pursuit of living a sensational, risky, infectiously adventurous and spirited life. She shared this imprint with me and with all of us. So this is my small way of being able to pay tribute to her and her legacy, and make sure that there is a little bit of Kate Haisty at every forum.

Everyone who met her respected Kate and her passing in 2014 has left a hole in the communities she was connected with. This scholarship is to give another individual a chance to make a difference and for Kate’s memory and vision to continue to be woven through the fabric of the BAT field.Kylie Peters


Application Process

Scholarship applicants need to answer the following questions via the application form below.


  1. Please describe your previous/current AT practices?
  2. How will you use the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference to further enhance your current practice and why is it important to you?
  3. What element of Adventure Therapy do you identify with most and why?
  4. If someone asked you to ‘raise the bar’ in your current practice (either personally or professionally) describe what this would look and feel like for you?
  5. Who has influenced you the most in developing in the AT field of practice?
  6. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 things with you what would they be?

What does the scholarship Include?

1 Full Registration to the 8IATC valued at AU$825.00

 How will this decision be made?

The selection committee for this scholarship includes:

  • Kylie Peters from Groundwork Therapy
  • Kate’s colleagues Sue Cramb and Amanda Smith
  • The Haisty family.