Family Friendly

The 8IATC warmly welcomes families!

Not only are families welcome, we’ve crafted a program just for them…

Family rates

Check out our reduced rates for partners, older children and younger children. Infants are welcomed free of charge.

Family member rates include:

  • all 4 nights of accommodation – in a special family room (until all family rooms are taken)
  • all 5 days of food – three meals a day plus morning tea, afternoon tea and supper
  • attendance at conference Opening and Closing ceremonies
  • all evening Social events, some of which will be as fun for little people as for big people
  • best of all – a special program for families!

Family Program

The Family Program will bring together the best elements of adventure therapy – contact with nature, being physically active, and having fun with others.

We will cater for all ages and needs:

  • Babies Base Camp – this relaxing and playful space will be based inside and around a special Bell Tent. Babies will be kept comfortable with cushions, water and changing facilities. The tent provides a nice quiet nurturing space for parents and babies to relax and recharge in. It also offers a chance for parents to connect with each other, have a cup of tea and feel nurtured.
  • 4 to 7 year old program – this will involve short supervised play-based activities run within a short walk of the ‘Baby Base’. Activities will involve nature-inspired sensory games, nature art and craft and exploration of natural habitats near the base. These sessions will be run concurrently with conference workshop times, meaning that parents can drop kids off at the start of a conference workshop and pick them up at the end of it.
  • 8 to 12 year old program – this program for older kids will be similar to the 4 to 7 year old program, with extended activities and games to suit this age group. Extensions will involve the use of field guides and basic bushcraft skills.
  • 13+ teens program – this will be an extended bushcraft and bush skills program tailored for this age group. It will involve exploring the local environment in more independent ways, while maintaining a level of supervision.

Due to the goodwill of Wild Cherry Nature Connection, all Family sessions are Free of Charge!

We are excited to say that as of 5th May 2018 we already have 23 family members registered for the 8IATC. This includes families from four countries, with kids of all ages, from infants through to teens!

This is going to be an unforgettable conference for little people as well as big people.

For more information on our Family program facilitators, check out Wild Cherry Nature Connection: